Lowcost Visualization Froeling Pellet P4 / S3200

Michael Dipper 26.12.2014

My Pellet heating Fröling P4 was installed August 2011. Some information as well as online visualization can be found below.

Old Online Statistics

Initially I used a combination of a small self made perl script and RRD for graphical visualization of my Pellet P4's system status. The advantage of this soluton is its incredible simplicity. It is also very safe and secure since the Lambdatronic logging port is used which allows no changes to the P4 system by design.

If you want to play around with the scripts, you are free to download them in the installation section.

However, in favour of more functionality I have switched to linux-p4d in 2014 and these old scripts are no longer maintained and kept here for reference only.

Current Online Statistics

My online statistics are gathered directly from the Lambdatronic's configuration port using linux-p4d

Additional information (external)

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